About Us

Hello, Mahjong Enthusiasts!

I’m Ruzena, your friendly guide into the fascinating world of Mahjong. If you’ve stumbled upon “Mahjong Wishes,” you’re in for a treat!

First and foremost, I’m a pharmacist, dedicated to healing and well-being. But when I’m not busy dispensing remedies, I’m a proud mom to an energetic two-year-old. Life can get hectic, but it’s also filled with joy, and Mahjong has become my peaceful escape.

I’m an avid reader and a tad bit crafty, and I find solace in long walks through the serene beauty of nature. But what truly amazes me is the world of Mahjong. It’s a game that’s captured my heart, and I’m on an exciting journey to unravel its secrets.

As a Mahjong beginner, I’m passionate about sharing what I’ve learned and created with fellow Mahjong lovers. Whether you’re just starting out or consider yourself a Mahjong master, “Mahjong Wishes” is here to offer tips, insights, and a sprinkle of inspiration for your Mahjong adventures.

Join me on this Mahjong journey, where we’ll explore the tiles, strategies, and the sheer joy that this ancient game can bring to our lives. Let’s uncover the magic of Mahjong together!

Thank you for being a part of “Mahjong Wishes.” Here’s to many happy games and fulfilling wishes!

Happy Mahjong-ing!

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