20+ Mahjong Party Favors : Small Gifts to Delight Your Guests

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Hosting a mahjong party is a delightful way to gather friends and family for an enjoyable evening of strategic gameplay and friendly competition. To make your event even more memorable, consider incorporating small but thoughtful gifts for your attendees. In this article, we’ll explore a selection of mahjong party favors that are sure to bring smiles to your guests’ faces. From stylish pens and keychains to handy notepads, these tokens will serve as cherished reminders of your fabulous mahjong gathering. Stay till the end, because we have a little bonus for you (free printable mahjong-themed gift tags).

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  1. Mahjong-themed Pens or Pencils:

Practical yet visually appealing, mahjong-themed pens or pencils are excellent party favors that will add a touch of elegance to your guests’ stationery collection. These writing instruments often feature intricate mahjong tile designs, making them both functional and decorative.

mahjong tiles pen

2. Mahjong Keychains:

mahjong queen - keychain

Keychains are a popular choice for party favors as they offer a wide range of customization options. Mahjong-themed keychains make for fantastic gifts that allow your guests to show off their love for the game wherever they go. Your attendees will appreciate this practical and stylish reminder of the unforgettable mahjong party.

3. Mahjong-themed Chocolate Covered Oreo Pops:

Add a delicious and whimsical touch to your mahjong party with cute chocolate-covered Oreo pops. Start by dipping Oreo cookies in melted chocolate, either dark, milk, or white, and let them set. Once the chocolate coating has hardened, decorate each pop with mahjong-themed designs using icing or edible markers. Consider drawing miniature mahjong tiles, game symbols, or even little mahjong players on the cookies. You can also personalize them with your guests’ initials or names. Attach a small stick to the bottom of each Oreo pop, turning them into handheld treats that are easy to enjoy.

funny mahjong chocolate pop

Whether you prefer the convenience of purchasing these mahjong-themed party favors or the joy of creating them yourself, both options allow you to add a personalized touch to your mahjong party.

4. Mahjong Mini -Notepads:

Small mahjong-themed notepads are practical and charming party favors that your guests will find useful. These compact notepads feature mahjong tile design and a funny mahjong phrase on the pages. They can be used to jot down scores, keep track of strategies, or simply for everyday notes and reminders. The convenient size allows them to be easily carried in pockets or bags, making them perfect for on-the-go use.

5. Mahjong-themed Mint Breath Savers:

mahjong tiles mint breath savers

Consider including small packs of mint breath savers. Mint breath savers are perfect for keeping breath fresh during intense mahjong games or for a quick pick-me-up after indulging in delicious treats.

6. Mahjong Tile Pendant:

For a stylish and elegant mahjong-themed party favor, consider gifting your guests with mahjong tile pendants. Whether it’s the red dragon, a favorite suit, or a specific tile that holds significance, these pendants serve as a beautiful accessory that showcases one’s love for the game.

7. Personalized favor paper bag filled with your favorite sweets:

For those who love crafts, a delightful option is to create small paper bags adorned with funny mahjong phrases or themes, and fill them with your favorite sweets, adding an extra touch of personalized charm to the party favors.

funny mahjong party favor paper bag

8. Personalized Mahjong-themed Wine Bottle:

customized mahjong wine label

Another elegant and customized party favor is a wine bottle with a personalized mahjong-themed label. Choose a quality wine and design a label that incorporates mahjong tile designs, playful illustrations, or even a special message related to mahjong. You can include your guests’ names or initials to make each bottle feel extra special. This unique and thoughtful gift allows your guests to savor a fine wine while cherishing the memories of your mahjong party.

9. Mahjong- themed pins:

Mahjong-themed pins are a fun and versatile party favor that allows your guests to express their passion for mahjong in a fashionable way.

10. Mahjong-themed Coasters:

Coasters are practical and decorative items that protect surfaces from beverage stains. Choose coasters with beautiful mahjong tile designs or witty mahjong-related phrases. These coasters will not only serve a functional purpose during the party but also make fantastic keepsakes for your guests to use at home or in their office.

mahjong coasters

11. Mahjong Lip balms:

funny mahjong lip balm | mahjong party favor

Lip balms are practical and pampering gifts that your guests will appreciate. These mahjong lip balms can be customized with various flavors and moisturizing properties to suit different preferences. Not only will they keep your guests’ lips moisturized, but they will also serve as a charming reminder of your mahjong party whenever they’re used.

12. DIY Mahjong-themed Gift box:

Please note that this particular party favor is exclusively for crafters who enjoy DIY projects.

We are excited to offer you a template for a DIY gift box (step-by-step guide here), specially designed for your mahjong-themed party. Our template provides you with four design variations to choose from, allowing you to select the one that best suits your style and preferences. Additionally, we have included a PDF file containing beautifully crafted mahjong-themed paper. You can easily print this file on any thick paper of your choice and use it with your own template to create another unique and personalized gift box.

diy mahjong themed gift box for mahjong party favor

13. Mahjong tiles-shaped DIY mini-soap

Another crafters-only party favor is a DIY mini-soap in the shape of a mahjong tile. Crafters who enjoy getting hands-on with their projects will appreciate the opportunity to create these charming and personalized soaps. To create your own handmade soap using a silicone soap mold, follow these simple steps:

  • Melt the soap base: Cut the soap base into small cubes and melt it in a microwave-safe container or a double boiler. Follow the instructions on the soap base packaging for the appropriate melting method.
  • Add color and scent: Once the soap base is melted, add soap colorants or mica powders to achieve the desired color. Stir gently to distribute the color evenly. Then, add fragrance or essential oils to give your soap a delightful scent. Be sure to mix well.
  • Pour the soap mixture: Carefully pour the soap mixture into the silicone soap mold, filling each cavity to the desired level. Tap the mold gently on a flat surface to remove any air bubbles.
  • Let it set: Allow the soap to cool and harden in the mold. This typically takes a few hours or overnight, depending on the soap base and room temperature.

14. Mahjong-inspired Playing Card Decks:

funny mahjong playing cards

If you’re looking for a unique twist, consider gifting mahjong-inspired playing card decks. Your guests can use these decks for various card games and even incorporate them into their mahjong sessions for a fresh and exciting experience.

15. Mahjong-themed Mini chocolate bars:

Indulge your guests’ sweet tooth with delightful mahjong-themed mini chocolate bars. These bite-sized treats are not only delicious but also showcase playful designs that capture the essence of the game.

mahjong tiles mini chocolate bar | mahjong party favor

16. Mahjong Tile Candles:

Set the mood and add a touch of ambiance to your mahjong party with mahjong-themed candles in the shape of mahjong tiles. These unique and decorative candles are crafted to resemble actual mahjong tiles, making them a perfect addition to your event. Mahjong-themed mahjong tile candles not only serve as beautiful decorations but also make for thoughtful and memorable party favors.

17. Mahjong-inspired Mini drink:

mini drink with customized label

Quench your guests’ thirst with personalized mini drinks featuring mahjong-themed labels. Choose mini-sized bottles of soda, juice, or flavored water as the base for your personalized drinks. Attach the labels securely to the mini bottles and arrange them in a charming display for your guests to enjoy during the party or as part of the party favors they can take home.

18. Funny mahjong Tea Bag:

To add a touch of humor to your mahjong party, consider including a funny mahjong-themed tea bag that will bring smiles and laughter to your guests as they enjoy their cup of tea.

mahjong party funny tea bag | mahjong party favor

19. Mahjong-themed magnets:

funny mahjong magnet

Magnets are fun and functional gifts that can be used to brighten up any refrigerator or magnetic surface. Look for magnets featuring miniature mahjong tiles, humorous mahjong-related quotes, or playful illustrations of mahjong players. These small but delightful tokens will add a touch of charm to your guests’ homes while reminding them of the fantastic time they had at your mahjong party.

20. Funny mahjong Stickers:

For a playful and lighthearted touch, consider including funny mahjong stickers as party favors that your guests can enjoy sticking on their belongings, spreading mahjong-themed laughter wherever they go.

funny mahjong sticker

21. Favor tags – FREE PRINTABLES:

For the final touch, we have created free printable Mahjong-themed gift tags that you can use to add a personalized and festive touch to your party favors. Whether you choose to attach them to the favors from the list or to your own unique mahjong-themed gifts, these gift tags will elevate the presentation and make each favor feel even more special. Simply write a heartfelt message or your guests’ names on the tags to add that extra touch of personalization and appreciation.

mahjong inspired gift tags | mahjong party favor tags

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