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Keeping score is an essential part of playing Mahjong, as it helps track the progress of the game and determines the final winner. To make your Mahjong sessions even more enjoyable and organized, we are thrilled to introduce our free printable Basic Mahjong Score Sheet.

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Why Use a Score Sheet:

Easy Score Tracking: With a dedicated score card, you no longer have to rely on memory or mental calculations to keep track of the points. The score sheet provides a clear and structured format to record each player’s scores, ensuring accuracy and minimizing confusion.

Enhanced Game Flow: By using a score sheet, you can maintain a smooth game flow without interruptions or delays caused by score disputes or forgotten points. The sheet acts as a reference point, allowing players to focus on the game and enjoy their Mahjong sessions to the fullest.

Record-Keeping: The score sheet serves as a valuable record of past games, allowing players to review their progress, analyze their strategies, and track their improvements over time. It adds a sense of continuity to your Mahjong journey and creates an opportunity for self-reflection.

Using Our Free Printable Basic Mahjong Score Sheet:

Download the Sheet: download the free printable Basic Mahjong Score Sheet. It is available in a convenient PDF format that you can easily print from the comfort of your home.

Game Setup: Before starting the game, distribute the score sheets to all the players. Ensure that each player has a pen or pencil to record their scores.

Score Entry: As the game progresses, players can record their scores on the score sheet after each round. The sheet is designed with clear sections for each player’s name, round numbers, and score entries.

Calculating Total Scores: At the end of the game, the score sheet provides a designated space to tally the total scores for each player, determining the winner. Use the sheet as a reference to calculate the scores accurately.

Key Features of Our Printable Basic Mahjong Score Sheet:

Simplicity: Our score sheet follows a user-friendly layout, ensuring ease of use for players of all levels. The clean design allows for quick and hassle-free score recording.

Compact and Portable: The score sheet is designed to be compact, allowing you to carry it with your Mahjong set easily. It fits snugly in most Mahjong boxes or can be stored in a separate folder dedicated to Mahjong accessories.

Printable and Reusable: Our score sheet can be printed multiple times, providing you with an endless supply of fresh score sheets for your Mahjong games. Simply print new copies whenever needed.

Additionally, our free printable Basic Mahjong Score Sheet is available in three different color combinations, allowing each player to select their favorite design and add a touch of personalization to their Mahjong games.

Mahjong score card - pink on white
Mahjong score sheet grey on white
Mahjong score sheet white on pink

Scoring in mahjong:

Moreover, we understand that scoring in Mahjong can sometimes be challenging, especially for beginners or those new to certain scoring rules.

That’s why we found a helpful scoring cheatsheet for you. This cheatsheet provides a concise summary of the scoring principles, making it easier for players to reference and calculate their scores accurately. Whether you’re a novice player or simply need a quick refresher, this cheatsheet will serve as a handy companion to assist you in mastering the scoring intricacies of Mahjong.


Our free printable Basic Mahjong Score Sheet is a valuable resource. It simplifies the scorekeeping process and enhances your overall Mahjong experience.

By using this tool, you can eliminate score discrepancies, maintain a smooth game flow, and create a record of your Mahjong journey. Download the score sheet here and elevate your Mahjong sessions to new heights of organization and enjoyment.

Happy scoring and may the tiles be in your favor!

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